Ingenuity. Wyoming’s
Most Valuable Resource.

Carbon Valley is a vibrant hub of carbon innovation in Campbell County, Wyoming. America’s leading source of coal is leading the charge in coal-to-product research.

Campbell County, WY

C-Valley is home to exceptional mineral reserves, and a vibrant community of progress.

What do you get when you have the world’s greatest mineral reserves, access to the Wyoming Integrated Test Center, the new Wyoming Innovation Center, and proximity to one of the nation’s cleanest power plants all in one place?
The country’s preeminent destination for carbon reimagination.

In C-Valley, thinking differently is point of entry. What was once coal country will soon be cutting-edge country. Here, we will attract and foster innovative thinkers and technologies that will help transform traditional carbon utilization and perhaps even solve the global climate crisis. In the same way Silicon Valley has become the mecca of revolutionary tech advancement, C-Valley will become a pioneering force in carbon evolution.

A next-generation
carbon community.

C-Valley will provide businesses with real-world advantages like access to coal and rare earth elements as well as leading-edge research that is both energy and carbon capture related. True synergies between local and state government, economic development groups, the University of Wyoming, private companies, and nonprofits will transform Gillette and Campbell County into a robust, next-gen carbon community.

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