C-Valley’s perspective.

It’s no secret that the energy space is moving towards a greener future. In C-Valley, our mission is to find a way to power the world with cleaner, alternative uses for coal and other fossil fuels.

A location for carbon reimagination.

Located in northeast Wyoming, Campbell County holds some of the nation’s most abundant mineral reserves, with unprecedented access to R&D centers including the ITC and WyIC, each one clean energy tested.

Why Wyoming?

Carbon Valley: Integrated Test Center, WY

From “coal-burning country” to a clean energy hub.

Pioneering research produced in Campbell County and Gillette, Wyoming, is unmatched. The WyIC will provide a space for researchers to test alternative uses to the byproducts of coal mined locally, while the ITC allows for the development of alternative uses for CO₂ emissions. These are the first steps in greener energy and a greener future for Wyoming — keeping jobs and innovation within our borders.

Our Team

Jim Ford
Operations Manager of the Wyoming Integrated Test Center
Dr. Holly Krutka
Executive Director of The School of Energy Resources at The University of Wyoming
Jason Begger
Managing Director of the Wyoming Integrated Test Center
Phil Christopherson
CEO of Energy Capital Economic Development