Carbon Valley, WY

At C-Valley, Ingenuity is Our Most Valuable Resource.

Discover a vibrant hub of carbon innovation in Campbell County and Gillette, Wyoming. The Energy Capital of the Nation is leading the charge in coal-to-product research and development.


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C-Valley is home to exceptional mineral reserves and a vibrant community of progress.

What do you get when you have abundant mineral reserves, access to several research and development centers, and proximity to some of the nation’s cleanest power plants all in one place? The nation’s preeminent destination for carbon reimagination.


Carbon Valley Research Carbon Capture
The new future of coal.

Leading energy exporter.

From coal, oil, gas, uranium and wind—Wyoming is the country’s leading exporter of British Thermal Units (BTUs), a unit of heat equivalent to energy. In 2010, Wyoming produced 10.5 quadrillion BTUs but consumed only 0.5 quadrillion BTUs within the state’s borders. In a global context, if Wyoming were a country, it would rank 10th in overall energy production. 10.5 quadrillion BTUs is greater than the energy consumed by all 114 million U.S. households in a single year.

The energy sector evolves rapidly — and so does C-Valley, nestled in a coal-rich section of northeast Wyoming. Though coal mining for thermal use has drawn scrutiny for its CO₂ output, C-Valley sets out to change this perception. We’re bringing together some of the nation’s leading engineers, academics and visionaries to reimagine sustainable uses for coal. Campbell County is transforming into an innovative community, leading in carbon research and manufacturing.


A next-gen carbon community.

C-Valley invites the best of the best to come work, study, research and learn within a forward-thinking community. Researchers will have access to the Wyoming Integrated Test Center, or ITC, along with the new Wyoming Innovation Center, and can immerse themselves in next-gen studies leveraging some of the country’s most abundant mineral reserves.