A location for revolutionary development.

C-Valley is an ideal location for those interested in studying, researching, and learning alongside the world’s clean energy leaders. Home to the Wyoming Innovation Center, Wyoming Integrated Test Center, and Wyoming CarbonSAFE, the region fosters innovative thinking and technologies that will help transform traditional carbon utilization and perhaps even solve the global climate crisis.

industrial workers

Attracting innovation and creativity.

This trailblazing initiative will attract business owners and executives, leaders in the coal and energy space, scientists, engineers, and directors of corporate real estate — along with government officials and prospective talent in this applied technology space.

Wyoming Innovation Center

The nearly 10-acre site will include test, lab and office spaces and will be home to multiple companies and researchers developing products like asphalt, graphene, graphite, agricultural char, carbon fiber and more – using coal, coal byproducts and rare earth elements. The C-Valley region holds 165 billion tons of recoverable coal, making it a desirable testbed for new and proven products made from coal.

Wyoming Integrated Test Center (ITC)

The ITC can host multiple research teams at once and was designed to accommodate projects of varying sizes and power needs. In addition to creating jobs and supporting local, state and regional economies, the ITC is one of the few facilities in the world where researchers can pull fuel directly from a coal-fired power plant for testing. This process helps maintain low electricity prices for millions of people around the globe.

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Wyoming CarbonSAFE

Spearheaded by The University of Wyoming School of Energy Resources.

The University of Wyoming’s School of Energy Resources (SER) is a driving force for clean energy research, focused on Carbon Capture and Storage. CarbonSAFE researchers are studying ways to bury CO2 emissions underground in perpetuity.

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