Construction Started on Gillette Wyoming Innovation Center


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CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) – Construction started on The Wyoming Innovation Center, a new center that energy officials say will diversify the economy.

At this center, officials are hoping to make other products out of coal as a raw material. Phil Christopherson, the CEO of Energy Capital Economic Development, said products like asphalt, carbon fiber and thousands more can be made from coal.

“They’ve all been done in a lab it’s been proven you can do it in the lab. Can you do it in a commercial plant and actually make money with it that’s what’s this facility is going to help [us] figure out,” Christopherson said.

He adds this facility will diversify the economy and create jobs. “It will also be a good opportunity for our high school and college graduates to move into new opportunities and new industries,” Christopherson said.

When the construction is complete in December to mid-January, there are three projects from the University of Wyoming that want to move in or a national engineering technology project. These companies will be allowed in January, February or March.