What’s Happening in The C-Valley?

Over the last few months, a lot of innovation has taken place within the coal-rich region of northeastern Wyoming. See what you missed!

Wyoming Innovation Center Officially Opens

After a year of construction, the nearly 10-acre Wyoming Innovation Center (WyIC) site has officially opened its doors! The center includes test, lab, and office spaces and will be home to companies and researchers developing commodities like asphalt, graphene, graphite, agricultural char, carbon fiber, and more — using coal and coal byproducts. The center’s first tenants are National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) and the University of Wyoming School of Energy Resources (UWSER). Learn more about the Wyoming Innovation Center here!

Keeping Coal Relevant: University of Wyoming Leads the Way

Scott Quillinan, senior director of research for the School of Energy Resources at the University of Wyoming, spoke with Aaron Larson, POWER Magazine editor, about the innovations happening in the state, how the University of Wyoming is supporting the energy industry, academic and research programs, and more. To hear the full interview, which includes more about the work the University of Wyoming is doing to help the coal industry become more sustainable. Listen to the “POWER Podcast” here!

Faces of C-Valley

Jason Begger has led the Wyoming Integrated Test Center (ITC) as managing director since its formation in 2015. The center provides space for researchers to test Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Sequestration (CCUS) technologies. Read more about Begger’s role at Wyoming ITC and how the center helps support jobs, local and state economies, and plays a key role in commercializing carbon management technologies to help the world achieve its carbon reduction goals. Learn more about Jason here!